Antiquarian bookshop and club Fiducia


  • 19.00
    A guided walk through the park of Milada Horáková with Jakub Ivánek and Pavel Hruška
    The meeting point is in front of the Cultural Centre of Ostrava City. The walk will be with promoter of sculptures Jakub Ivánek and a literary historian Pavel Hruška, around a park that used to be a cemetery. The location of what is today a park used to be a municipal cemetery, Jewish cemetery and a mass grave of around 230 murdered German civilians who were buried there from May to June of 1945. This also used to be the place of a significant architectural monument – a crematorium by the architect Vlastislav Hofman, built between 1922-1925, which had been a unique cubist building not only in the context of  Moravian Ostrava. In this place the remains of people shot by the Gestapo for resistance during World War II, victims of air raids and after-war madness, victims of Stalinism and casualties of large mining accidents were cremated. The park is also the location of an unusual concentration of sculptures, especially those by world-renowned sculptors from the International Symposia of Spatial Forms 1967, 1969 and 1993. The walk is co-organised with a beautification group Za krásnou Ostravu.
  • 18.00–22.00
    Making of pin badges with the Ostrava monuments, competitions, studios in Fiducia
    Come and make your own pin badge of one of Ostrava’s dominant features. Commencing the celebration of the 750th anniversary of the city, Fiducia are also preparing traditional literary competitions in the second-hand bookshop with valuable prizes, a children’s studio with artists Marcela Lysáčková and Max Lysáček, and expositions in both galleries.The events of the Antiquarian bookshop and club Fiducia are supported by: The ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, The municipality of Moravian Ostrava and Přívoz, The foundation of Czech Architecture, MUDr. David Feltl, print shop Printo and Portaflex.

Antikvariát a klub Fiducia
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