Exhibition Hall Sokolská 26


Exhibition Hall Sokolská 26, which is run by the Centre for Culture and Education Moravian Ostrava, contributory organization of the City District Moravian Ostrava and Přívoz, started its activities in 1993. As its name suggests it is located on avenue Sokolská 26 on the first floor of a historic villa. Its dramaturgy presents significant and indisputable art personalities that create and uphold the concept of the contemporary Czech art scene. Not only works by many leading Czech and foreign artists are presented there but also group exhibitions of mostly young artists from different regions are organised here. The curator of the exhibitions is Ing. Milan Weber.

  • 16.00–23.00
    Free entry to expositions
  • 18.00–19:00
    Travellers’ drawing
    Welcome aboard the airline company Dudek – Air! 4 world countries, 4 painters. This time the most successful illustrator of children books Adolf Dudek will draw the whole world for us. This will be a funny and jokingly cooperative way to show the life and traditions in other countries to children.
  • 18.00–20.00
    Face painting
  • 18.00–23.00
    Be with the art
    Come and take a look into the Exhibition Hall Sokolská 26 to meet and stay with the art for a moment. Feel the serene atmosphere of the gallery environment, smell the colours, perceive the message of images and be inspired. Craft material will be prepared for the braver ones and fun quests that may present a challenge or maybe only some pleasant relaxation in today’s busy times.
  • 18.00–23.00
    My House, My Castle
    During Ostrava Museum Night the door of the villa of an important builder and Ostrava mayor Hans Ulrich will be open to the public. Ulrich is the person behind the projects such as The Chapel of St. Elisabeth, the House of J. & F Chmel and the Marketplace and Gym in Ostrava-Vítkovice. Visit the former house of the builder and mayor of Ostrava city, discover his personality, and discover the genius loci of the place where he lived and worked.

Current exposition:

A wonderful author born in this region belongs to the very important generation of the 80s.  His works feature on many levels – ranging from land-art and action art – over to painting, drawing, graphics, photography, videos and installations. Usually he artistically reacts to natural elements – currently he is involved in painting using the wind or water, touch-free painting, digital landscape painting and others. This exhibition has the ambition to remind us of the author in the year of his anniversary.


Exhibition Hall Sokolská 26

Sokolská třída 26
702 00 Ostrava
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