Old arena / Stará aréna

    • 17.00–02.00
      Café Old arena
    • 17.00, 18.00, 19.00
      Interactive tour of the native home of Karel Reisz

    Right in the centre of Ostrava on Masaryk Square there is an old house. Many know it as a cultural space with a café and the theatre Old Arena. This house however has a rich history. For instance it is the birthplace of Karel Reisz, who had become a famous movie director in Great Britain and later on in Hollywood too and lived a wonderful life. Come and enjoy our interactive tour. The mysterious Mr. Karel is going to be your guide and he will be the one to tell you some curiosities of Ostrava.


Stará aréna, 28. října 23, Moravská Ostrava

T +420 775 656 056