Science and Technology Centre

  • 18.00–24.00

In the vestibule of the Science and Technology Centre you can encounter a gyroscope, through the use of which you can try out the 3G-force that is experienced by pilots of jet fighter planes. There will be a science show, a fun presentation of science-in-action, known as Let’s Go Science. You can look forward to an interactive competition or scienceathon that will measure your knowledge and wits.

You could also try out our simulation of vision affected by alcohol or drug consumption or see the world through the eyes of a bug in the Science and Technology Centre, all of these using unique 3D glasses.

  • 18.00–22.00
  • Exhibitions of the Science and Technology Centre

Hundreds of fun attractions, which will entertain and educate you in various areas of life and science, are offered. On 14 000 m2 of floor space there are four worlds awaiting their visitors: Children’s World (kids from 2 to 6 years), World of Science and Inventions, World of Civilization, and World of Nature with an exterior botanical garden. You will also find a 3D cinema and the Theatre of Science. Admission: 190 CZK / adults, 130 CZK / children 3-15 yrs, students, pensioners.


Svět techniky, Vítkovice 3004,
Phone +420 595 955 740