Museum and Gallery Mlejn


  • 18.00–23.00
    Free entry (Museum Mlejn)
  • 18.30, 19.30, 20.30, 21.30
    Guided tours through history of Ostrava leats and mills
    (Museum Mlejn) The history of the mill in Moravian Ostrava, history of Samuely & Wechsberg mill, exposition of the period tools and devices, exposition of metal mills (by Porkert, Leinbrock, Kosmos, and Moravia) and presentation of grinding using stones and mills. The last tour starts at 21.30.
  • 18.00–22.30
    Eva Komárková 
    (Galerie Mlejn) Free admission to the exhibition.

Muzeum a Galerie Mlejn
Nádražní 3136/138 A
702 00 Moravská Ostrava
Phone +420 596 136 033

a galerie Mlejn