People’s Conservatory and Music School

The Ostrava People’s Conservatory and Music School offers education at the top professional level to everyone who would like to develop their music talents, incl. persons with disabilities. We lead pre-school-age children to culture and art, but we enable adults or senior people to actively enjoy their free time too. Our students are educated in the artistic areas of dance, music, theatre and creative writing, fine arts and creative photography. Those interested in studying music subjects can do so not only in classic music genres but also jazz, rock, and popular music. The People’s Conservatory has been enhancing the cultural variety of Ostrava city since 1957, thus it is 60 years old this year. The Music School has been her little daughter since 1991 and has also offered therapeutic subjects for students who are interested. The founder of the Ostrava People’s Conservatory and Music School is the Statutory City of Ostrava.

  • 17.00–20.00

Creative workshop – Let’s create our own original jewellery

We will introduce the child participants to a drawing technique (drawing beads on an elastic string) and enable then to create their own original bracelet. The adult attendees will be introduced to the basics of so-called ‘wire wrapping’, and we will show them the tools and material, and teach them all the steps when working with a wire or semi-finished jewels. The attendees will have the possibility to create their own simple wire earrings. A presentation of a fine art subject at the Ostrava People’s Conservatory and Music School will also be part of the workshop.

  • 18.00–21.00

Mini-course Beginning with a digital SLR

A short introduction to the possibilities and potential of a popular photographic camera. There will also be a presentation of a creative photography subject at the People’s Conservatory.

  • 18.00–20.00

A bit of non-medial communication; or how can writing and expression be improved?

Meeting the Creative Writing subject in practice of LK and MŠO: What the subject offers to the students, how we can use creative writing in communication, how it enriches people and what it takes in return (clichés and empty phrases)? A short presentation of students’ works.

  • 19.00–19.45

Concert by the music department

The students, teachers and their friends will perform a classical repertoire.

  • 21.00–21.30

Popový a jazzrockový koncert
Mladí zpěváci ze třídy Míly Soukupové představí svůj popový a jazzrockový repertoár.

  • 21.30–22.15

A concert of jazz improvisations and a jam session

The students, teachers of jazz and popular music department and their friends will perform.

All the events will take place in the Conservatory building at Watt St. in Ostrava-Přívoz, where the headquarters are located. Music and theatre performances will take place in the concert hall of the school.


Lidová konzervatoř a Múzická škola, p. o.
Wattova 5, 702 00 Ostrava-Přívoz
Phone +420 596 136 805, +420 603 886 756