Minikino Café


Entry to programmes of Minikino of Ostrava Museum Night is free of charge. Due to the capacity of the hall of 70 places a prior booking is absolutely necessary. Book online at or by calling 724 044 007 or 599 527 851.

Unikátní komiks patřící k pokladu české kultury vystavujeme od

  • 15.00–16.30
    Čtyřlístek ve službách krále  
    (Czech Republic, 2013, 90 minutes)Čtyřlístek is on a trip to Prague where an animated lion from the statue of Bruncvík attacks them and then leads them to underground tunnels of the Prague Castle, where they meet the the Holy Emperor Rudolf! He travels through time from past to present because according to the forecast by astrologists only Čtyřlístek can acquire the wondrous Philosopher’s Stone and save the Emperor and the crown jewels, which the treacherous alchemist Kelly wants to steal. A whirlwind of unbelievable adventures will get Fifinka, Myšpulín, Pinďa and Bobík to the Emperor’s court where their lives will be in danger… But Čtyřlístek will overcome all the tricks and unexpected barriers thanks to their wits and inventions, and thus save the Emperor.

An exceptional gem of world cinematography with a possibility of a consequent interaction will be offered from

  • 17.00–18.36
    Coffee and Cigarettes    
    (USA, 2003, 96 minutes)A black and white classic piece by unique Jim Jarmusch. A few short movies that appear to be a feature movie about a collection of weirdos played by exceptional actors and musicians. In each short story there are a couple of characters sitting around, drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes and talking about various topics. Caffeine popsicles, Abbott & Costello, Elvis related mysteries, correct tea making, inventions of Nikola Tesla, fictitious rock bank SQÜRL, Paris of the 20s and using nicotine as insecticide.

A curious visitor will be invited to various locations denied to visitors of the Great Museum from

  • 19.30–21.04
    The Great Museum 
    (Das große Museum, Austria, 94 minutes)An unusual, funny and witty view into all the places of the Museum of Fine Arts in Vienna that are forbidden to visitors. The museum is one of the largest and most important world museums and the film brings a unique glance into everyday life at the museum.

Po náročném programu, když noc je ještě mladá, mnohé další libé vjemy přinese ve

  • 22.00
    Café concert under the candle light and a surprise (Café)

Minikino Kavárna
Kostelní 3, 702 00
Moravská Ostrava
Phone +420 724 044 007, +420 599 527 851