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  • 17.00–22.30
Ostrava 750 years back (Children and youth literature department)

We will bring you to the times of brave knights and fair damsels. You might visit a real medieval marketplace and experience the life of an adventurer in these times first-hand. An exciting journey into the past full of competitions, games and fun, especially for kids.

  • 17.00–22.30
    On the waves of Ostrava art (OCL Social Hall)

Let the waves of original theatre and good quality folk music carry you away.

Performance by:

  • 17.15–17.45
    Dodivadlo Dobroslavice – a play for kids “Paulie is Ill”
  • 19.45–20.30
    Dodivadlo Dobroslavice – Short Plays
  • 21.00–22.30
    A concert by a folk singer and a guitarist Zdeněk Hamřík from Mohelnice.
  • 17.30–19.30
    Ostrava OPEN MIC stage
    (in front of the Central Library)
    Ostrava song makers will sing and also anybody of you! Don’t hesitate, come and play!
  • 18.00–19.30

What was it like in the North? (OCL Social Hall)

Discussion about the vivid life in Ostrava. You can hear folk superstitions, tales and traditions, visit the places of firemen, theatres, breweries and chateaux, but also of prostitutes too. Presented by Bohdan Volejníček alias BoboKing, supplemented by excerpts from books and movies.

  • 17.00–22.00
    How to become a medieval scribe! (Adult literature department)
    Come and pay a visit to a medieval scrivener!s workshop and learn the noble art of calligraphy. Take your monograms home or take a photo like a real medieval scrivener.

Traditional or non-traditional (OCL departments)
We also offer the ordinary services in not-so-ordinary times!

The whole event takes place solely in the headquarters of OCL (28. října 2). More info can be found on our OCL website.


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