Silesian Lily

The Silesian Lily is an international Christian festival of contemporary music, the aim of which is to create a calm atmosphere of human togetherness and to try to help overcome barriers of social prejudices using not only music.

The Silesian Lily festival 2017 takes place on 10th and 11th June at several places in Ostrava: 10th June in front of the Cathedral of the Divine Saviour on the Msgre Šrámek Square (in front of the Jiří Myron theatre) in the centre of Ostrava and in the St. Wenceslas church on Kostelní Square.

On Sunday 11th June the festival will move to the city area Ostrava-Kunčičky, which is an area that might appear marked by heavy industry and social exclusion. Festival events therefore will try to change the face of this area by bringing a different view on the cultural events in the city and this part too. A calm, friendly and joyful atmosphere dominates the festival area, which the performers, organisers and especially the guests have their chance of co-creating.

  • 15.30–23.00

The program of the Silesian Lily festival is focused on music by more and less popular Czech and foreign bands and groups across various music styles and genres and Sunday’s spiritually-oriented programme will become an integral part of the festival.


In front of the Cathedral of the Divine Saviour

  • 17.00–17.45
    Fusion Lite
  • 19.00–19.45
    Ostrava zpívá gospel
  • 20.30–22.00
    Christafari (USA)

the Cathedral of the Divine Saviour

  • 19.45–20.30
    Lenka Dusilová
  • 22.00–22.45

St. Wenceslas Church

  • 15.30–16.30 a 17.30–18.30
    Zbigniew Czendlik
  • 16.30–17.30
    Roman Dostál & Slávek Klecandr
  • 18.30–19.00
    Ellen Makumbirofa


The Silesian Lily festival, in front of the Cathedral of the Divine Saviour on the Msgre Square, St. Wenceslas church on Kostelní Square, Ostrava

Phone +420 608 972 908